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Eating Disorders Treatment, Texas

Understanding the Treatment Program

Our Texas-licensed team will guide you, answer questions, and make sure the treatment fits your needs in both McKinney and Plano.

Why Need Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders can affect anyone in McKinney and Plano, young or old. In the US, 9% of people will face this at some point.

Eating Disorder Facts

Over 2.5 million people in Texas, including those in McKinney and Plano, might face eating disorders. Yet, few seek help. This could include someone you know in McKinney or Plano. Besides health risks, eating disorders can also cause financial problems. Caregivers in McKinney and Plano often give six weeks of unpaid care each year, costing Texas $2.1 billion annually.

In addition to the high prevalence of eating disorders in Texas, several alarming facts highlight the severity of this issue:

Addressing these complexities requires a comprehensive approach encompassing prevention, early intervention, access to specialized care, and ongoing support for individuals and their families.

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